The undergraduate office is now at N519 Ross, and the graduate office also moved one room over at N520B Ross, inside the administrative office.

This information will be reflected in the 2015-2016 mini-calendar.

T-shirts: We are planning on producing T-shirts with our club logo, along with more club swag. Stay tuned!

Math Lab schedule will be open weekdays 10:30 to 15:30.

The Mathematics and Statistics Department website is undergoing a facelift, with some botox here and there. If some information is missing, chances are it is in the more developed portal, or another up to 2003.

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Our executives are available to offer unofficial advice.
Tutor List, paid tutoring with a pint of math.

Past Exams

Actual exams from math courses taught by professors at York.

Club Lounge (Common Room)

We’re located at Room N537 Ross, the north side, fifth floor of the Ross Building. (Nous sommes situès à salle N537 l’édifice Ross sur Campus Keele.) The Actuarial Student Association (AS2A) also resides here.