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Club Infinity is York University's undergraduate Math Club. We welcome all undergrads enrolled in a math or stats course who would like to meet more people with an interest in math. For more information on Club Infinity:
Exam sales are postponed until further notice, because, well, everything on campus has been brought to a standstill because of this strike. For more info, check out the following two sources, but be warned that you won't get clear, unbiased information from either of them:
The winner of the Chess Tournament was Chris Benson, who received fabulous prizes and fame and all that.
So what went on at the last Club Infinity Executive Meeting? An update on club goings-on...
Canada's National Research Council offers employment opportunities for students in the sciences and engineering. To find out more, check out the NRC Students' Home Page. Also offered is the Women in Engineering and Science Program, where undergraduate women spend summers or co-op terms working in NRC research facilities under the guidance of accomplished mentors. Check it out!
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