Events Summer 2012 to Winter 2014


Pi Day

product of the square root of negative one, 8, and sigma π on a white plate
March 14, 2014, Club room and at the main hall of first floor of Ross building. "HAPPY PI DAY! Come by the club room or the first floor of Ross for some free pie!! Check us out on Twitter where we will be live tweeting all the festivities! #piday #yorku". Post on social media.

The Mysteries of Prime Numbers

Youness Lamzouri, York University, will speak on "The Mysteries of Prime Numbers" on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - 16:00 - 17:00, at 216 Stong College. Promotional poster and the event on Social Media

There are infinitely many primes, as was first proved by Euclid more than two thousand years ago. Since that time mathematicians have been fascinated with these mysterious numbers.

Although the primes are simply defined, many problems about them remain open, such as the famous twin prime conjecture (that there are infinitely many pairs of primes whose difference is 2) and Goldbach's conjecture (that every even integer greater than 2 can be expressed as the sum of two primes). One of seven millennium problems: the Riemann hypothesis (worth 1M$), is deeply connected with the distribution of prime numbers.

In this lecture, I will describe the history of this fascinating subject, and present some of its recent development, including some of my work on the distribution of primes in arithmetic progressions and the so-called prime number races.

Note: Refreshments will be served.

Latin Squares: fun and applications

Club Infinity is hosting Professor Ada Chan to give a presentation on Friday, November 22 at 12pm, in Accolade East Room 002. Light refreshments will be served. Details are as follows.
In 1782, Euler introduced this puzzle:

Thirty-six officers belong to six regiments and hold six ranks. There is exactly one officer corresponding to every combination of regiment and rank. Can the officers be paraded in a 6x6 array, so that each regiment and each rank occurs precisely once in any row or column?

We introduce Latin squares - a fun topic in combinatorial design theory. Using Latin squares, we build magic squares and cryptographic schemes. We conclude the talk with the answer to Euler's question.

This is a great opportunity to see what kind of research the department is doing and interact with faculty.

For more details check out our Facebook event page.

This is a great opportunity to see what kind of research the department is doing and interact with faculty.

We look forward to seeing you there!


From the Mathematics Newsletter, Winter 2013; mirror:

With the help of their faculty liaison, Professor Hongmei Zhu, they are in the process of setting up an annual seminar for fourth-year mathematical/statistics students who intend to apply for graduate school. This will involve hands on help to answer questions and relieve the stress of the application process. Club Infinity will also begin developing a “How to Survive in Mathematics” workshop for incoming first-year students who are registered in a mathematics or statistics program at York. This workshop will give first-year students tips and tricks to do the best they can in their program through the help of the faculty and upper year mathematics and statistics students.

In the winter semester of the 2012—2013 academic year, Club Infinity will be hosting a talk by the postdoctorial fellow Dr Dan Munther. The talk will be directed towards upper year mathematics students with an interest in partial differential equations. This event will be a test run for the Club as they intend to host more of these events in the future.

A few pizza parties for members happen each semester and the usual celebration on March 14 (Pi Day) will find pie being served in the clubroom all day for members and faculty of the department.

Social Media posts after, and details of “Modelling Animal Movement and the Heat Equation” by Dr Dan Munther; March 26, 2013 at 11:30 am in 303 Accolade West
Pi Day, March 14, 2013, at noon in the club room. "IT'S PI DAY!! Don't forget about the party going on today in the club room starting at noon! Pop by for some pie and pizza, hope to see you all there!"
Pizza Party; December 3, 2012, at 12:30 pm in the club room. "BE THERE."