Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Club Infinity?

Club Infinity is York University’s Undergraduate math community. Our mission is to service all undergraduate math students at York, and to act as a liaison between the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the students.

Where is Club Infinity located?

We are located at the centre of the campus, in the heart of the Math Department, N537 Ross, also known as the Club Lounge, officially the Club Common Room.

What do students do in Club Infinity?

Math is definitely a cool subject! However, besides math we do many other things in the club too! Students come by the club to socialize, relax between classes, eat their lunch (we have couches, kitchen appliances, and office chairs — the latter good for a tobogganing or curling in a place free of obstacles, just not here !) and just chill out! Expect quiet study periods, music brought up by a member the next moment, or a debate on a current event. From time to time, the Club will organize a variety of events, both social and academic.

Must I be a Math student to join?

Though most of our members are math majors of some kind, you do not have to be in math to be apart of Club Infinity. In fact, several of our members are in a variety of different majors, ranging from English to Biology to Psychology — and also really like math!

When is the Club Lounge open?

The Club Lounge is generally open during the mornings and afternoons, Monday to Friday. Our schedule is posted outside the room. Over the summer, our hours are a bit more varied, as we are not in the Club Lounge everyday.

Is the Club Lounge open to all members?

Yes, most definitely! There are tables, couches, and a computer for your use. Couches and kitchen appliances are available for your convenience, as well as a space to study, or to admire some artwork — this was part of the Faculty of Arts! The room is a hotspot during the lunch hour for our members!

Do I have to pay a membership fee to join?

No, membership is free!

Does Club Infinity sell past/old final papers for math courses?

Please check our Past Exams page.

Is Club Infinity a tutoring centre for math students?

No. The Math/Stat Lab (S525 Ross) is the tutoring centre for math students. Student Ombuds Service (SOS) at Bethune College provides study sessions for math and science students. While members within Club Infinity may be able to help you with your coursework, officially we are not a tutorial centre. However, it is often the case that many members are in the same class, and will study together in the club lounge.

Consider forming study groups! Not convinced? Read arguments on its importance by Katie Coulthard (née Caldwell) and how to establish your own group as a student and as a professor.

Are there members within the Club who do private tutoring?

There may be members who will do private tutoring, for certain courses. For more information, please drop by the Club Lounge. In addition, the Math Department has a list of private tutors, the Counselling & Disability Services has their Study Hub, and Bethune College has their registry. The maintainers of these lists are not affiliated with these tutors. Do not solely expect these services will provide you a decent grade.

If you are taking Natural Sciences (NATS) courses, there are NATS-AID and M-Aid-in-NATS from the Division of Natural Science.

Tentative Department of Mathematics and Statistics Tutor List

The club no longer post the information online because most of the information is dated and many tutoring listings are available through the Learning Skills Services and the Undergraduate Math Office.

Neither we, nor the math department, are responsible for disputes between the tutor and the tutee, and are not affiliated with the tutors. They are not responsible for an unsatisfactory grade in your courses.

Tutors, please include your full name, and contact information, courses you are able to assist in, and specialities.

I want to join Club Infinity! What must I do?

Great! Simply drop by the club lounge, and indicate you’d like to join the club. If a member of the executive is present, they can give you the details. Also, you can send an email to us at club_infinity (at) with your name, major and student number to be added on our members list. Additionally, check out other ways to stay up-to-date at the Contact Us page.

Help! I have a question about my program (e.g., what course(s) to take or what order to take them in). Can people in Club Infinity help me?

You are encouraged to drop by and ask questions about your program, and we will certainly try to help you as best we can! There are many upper-year students in the Club, and chances are that they probably once had the same questions as you do now.

However, while we can provide a student’s perspective on things, do remember that we are not experts on advising. If we are unable to answer your questions, we can refer you to the Undergraduate Office, down the hall in N519 Ross or the Math Administrative Office N520 Ross.

I still have a question that you did not have listed!

Whoops! Well, you can still get a hold of us.