While we can’t bring you to the time of the dinosaurs, we have the next best thing: a peek into the past websites of the club. (We will bring you to Jurassic Park or Dino Zords, but that is for next year.) Beware of extinct links!

Four people contemplate a problem
Four people (Wesley Moir in foreground, Mike Zabrocki, Patrick Sin, Li Zhang) contemplate a problem on a chalkboard filled with others. (TIF image source, taken May 5, 2015)
Club Logo by Mark Shuldiner, and with inverted colours
A tongue-in-cheek Club Logo by Mark Shuldiner
2013-2014 Members
2013-2014 Members: Nate Gold, Patrick Sin, Affan Shoukat, Alex Ashbourne, Sujaan Kunalan, Li Zhang, Xinwei Liu. Photo by Sofie Kirk, YorkU Magazine Spring 2014, p 14-15

Up to January 2015, a redirect to our Wordpress portal

2011 logo variation by Sven Geiger. “Infinity”. 2007.

Up to 2010, in winter 2010

Up to 2009, also at http://math.yorku.ca/infinity_old/index.html , in 2008, in 2007, in 2006

2006 logo design by Fernanda Lacerda, “here's my key philosophy, a freak like me Just needs infinity.” December 8, 2005. Flickr.

Up to 2005, also at http://math.yorku.ca/infinity_old/OldWeb/index.html , in 2004, in 2003, in 2002, in 2001, in fall 2000, The Radical Newsletter (1998-2001) (http://x290021.tripod.com/radical/radical.htm). “Sex Sucks” by James Lee, April 13, 2001. (TIF image).

2000 logo design by an anonymous member.

Up to 2000
Up to 1997, also at http://math.yorku.ca/infinity_old/OldWeb/veryold/index.html , Study Groups in 1998.
Up to 1996

1994 logo design by Katie Coulthard (née Caldwell)

Don’t forget to check out the photos of our past events, when everything seems old-school!

These files were recovered in 2015 and may not be linked within the archived webpages. These pages are sorted by the year as the folder structures were rebuilt.

http://math.yorku.ca/infinity/ moved to http://math.yorku.ca/infinity/2010/
http://math.yorku.ca/infinity_old/ moved to http://math.yorku.ca/infinity/2009/
http://math.yorku.ca/infinity_old/OldWeb/ to http://math.yorku.ca/infinity/2005/
http://www.yucc.yorku.ca/~infinity/ to http://math.yorku.ca/infinity/2000/
http://math.yorku.ca/infinity_old/OldWeb/veryold/ to http://math.yorku.ca/infinity/1997/
http://pascal.math.yorku.ca/infinity/ and http://mathstat.yorku.ca/infinity/index.html to http://math.yorku.ca/infinity/1996/

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